As of 2021, Techne Music is a tuition-free festival. Anyone accepted to the Techne Music Festival will be on full tuition scholarship. Housing and application fees still apply.

Application Fee
Students may apply as individuals or as a pre-formed ensemble. String trios, quartets, and quintets are all acceptable as pre-formed ensembles. Application fee is due at the time of the application.
Individual Application Fee: $20
Ensemble Application Fee: $30 per ensemble

$250 for non-commuting students (total cost for five nights). Dorms are single-room occupancy.

Meals are not provided by the Techne Music Festival. Dorm rooms have cooking facilities, and there are numerous restaurant options of varying price ranges within a five-minute walk of the Moravian campus.

Please note: Application and housing fees are non-refundable. If accepted, the housing fee deadline will be included in your acceptance letter.

Make Application or Housing Fee via PayPal


Since the foundation of Techne Music, hundreds of individuals and companies have donated both time and money to support the talented students who attend Techne. Our commitment is that no student is unable to come because of financial difficulties. Once a student passes the competitive audition process, we make every effort to make sure they are able to attend. As a result, approximately 90% of our students are on partial or full scholarship.

This would not be possible without the generous donation of our donors. Please consider being one of the many people who inspire the next generation of creative artists in the field of music. Your tax-free donation will always go towards student tuition, unless it is specifically indicated of other areas of the Festival.

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Every year, Techne Music holds a fundraising concert in Philadelphia, PA. Performers include selected Techne faculty and alumni. All money from the fundraiser goes towards scholarships. Please email Timothy Schwarz at for updates on the fundraising concert.

Other Payment/Donation Methods

Please mail a check to:
Techne Music Artistry
1234 Market Street
P.O. Box 36718
Philadelphia, PA 19107