COVID Update

Techne Music is committed to having a safe learning environment where both students and faculty can thrive. Due to our small student size, single dorm rooms, large rehearsal spaces, and outside eating options, we feel that Techne Music can take place safely for everyone.

Despite that, it is clear that the Coronavirus will not be eliminated by June, 2021. Ultimately, Techne Music must follow the guidelines of Moravian College. If Moravian College decides it is unsafe to hold any summer festivals, we will not be able to meet in person.

This page will be updated regularly. Currently, our guidelines are as follows:

  1. The 2021 Techne Music Festival will take place in person, unless Moravian College decides to not allow summer festivals
  2. All students and faculty will wear masks during all rehearsals, classes, and concerts
  3. Dorm rooms will be single occupancy
  4. Should the in-person festival be cancelled, students accepted to the 2021 Festival will have online masterclasses, lessons, and seminars with the 2021 Techne Music Faculty during the same five-day period.

If accepted to the 2021 Techne Music Festival, please visit this page before making any travel plans. In addition, check with any State guidelines that are in place during the period of the festival.